Plan for accessibility

Pride in London is for everyone. If you have any concerns about how to access the Parade, whether that’s for you or someone you know, head over to the accessibility section of our website or contact

Plan your route

Transport in the capital can be unpredictable on a good day. So with over a million people coming together to celebrate Pride in London, chances are there might be a few hiccups. We advise planning your route on Transport for London (TfL) carefully; you may need to use an alternative station or walk if necessary.

Check National Rail if you’re coming in from outside the capital. And keep a beady eye on the TfL homepage for updates to tubes, buses and just about any other conceivable form of transport.

Put safety first    

Over a million people joined us last year for a monumental celebration that lasted a marathon. We value each and everyone’s attendance, but we also value your safety. The Parade can be a long day out, so it’s important to stay hydrated, make time for regular breaks and generally pace yourself. We want you with us for the whole parade!

Eat, Pace, Plan

First things first, if you’re planning on drinking alcohol, eat beforehand! You know what they say about drinking on an empty stomach. Going alcohol-free? Good on you; there are plenty of options for you to enjoy just as much as the real thing. If you are drinking on the other hand, know your limits and pace yourself. The NHS One You – Drink Less app is perfect for keeping track of how much you’re drinking and spending.

Keep a water bottle handy throughout the day (you’ll thank yourself the next morning) and guard your drinks — along with other valuables like your bag and phone. Thinking about walking home? Don’t go it alone, especially if you’ve had a long day drinking. Look after those who need to find their way back, and remember: you’ll still have alcohol in your system the morning after, so don’t drive!

Keep up with Pride in London on the move

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