Mayor Of London (Photograph: Dave Nash)

Mayor Of London (Photograph: Dave Nash)

About Pride

We provide a platform for every part of London’s LGBT+ community (including lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer, questioning, intersex, non-binary, asexual, pansexual, polysexual, genderqueer and gender variant people) to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues. We want to help people campaign for the freedoms that will allow them to live their lives on a genuinely equal footing. Our annual Parade through the heart of the West End gives our community visibility. It lets us speak loudly to the rest of the city about what we have achieved, how far we have come and the support that we need in order to continue this progress. We are calling on London politicians to support Pride and engage with their local LGBT+ community groups. Together we can make the capital a leader in inclusion, support and visibility for the LGBT+ community.

#PrideHeroes campaign #FreedomTo campaign

About the pledge

In this pledge, we've talked about the need for everyone to be safe, healthy and visible – with education for all about the reality of LGBT+ lives. We urge all politicians to engage with national and local organisations that represent LGBT+ people, from tackling transphobia to eradicating problems in the asylum system for LGBT+ people. Same-sex marriage was an enormous achievement, but much more still needs to be done to secure genuine equality, inclusion and respect within our society. London is a welcoming global city, home to cultures and peoples from around the world – and it should be a beacon to LGBT+ people across the country and across the world.

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