We’ve come a long way, but there’s still a way to go

Equal rights do not equal equality – this is what we found from our 2018 Pride Matters report. The report is one of the most comprehensive comparisons between experiences of straight people and LGBT+ people in the UK. It shows that over 1 in 3 LGBT+ people have been verbally abused because of their identity, sexuality or gender, and over three quarters of LGBT+ people don’t feel comfortable showing affection to a partner in public. Unfortunately it also shows low levels of concern about gender, racism and sexuality in mainstream society, and that straight people care more about animal rights than gender, LGBT+ and racial equality in 2018. So whilst we’ve come a long way in our fight for equal rights, there’s still a way to go for actual equality.

Find out more about why Pride Matters and download the full report now.


Pride Matters

Our Matter of Pride survey and report showed us that Pride means many things to many people – freedom, protest, celebration.. That's why this year our theme is “Pride Matters” (#PrideMatters).

We want to reflect on why Pride is still important in 2018 – whether as a protest, celebration, symbol of freedom or platform for diversity. Most importantly we wanted our theme to be an inclusive part of the Pride experience – and so we encourage everyone to ask themselves “What does Pride mean to you?”

We looked to our Matter of Pride report and #PrideMatters to develop this year’s campaign films. Watch the three films below that show  why Pride is still necessary. During the filming of one segment the actor was subjected to homophobic heckling from a passer by– evidence, if it were needed, that over 1 in 3 LGBT+ people have been verbally abused because of their identity, sexuality or gender.

46 years after the first march through London streets, the meaning of Pride has changed, and nearly 80% of LGBT+ people now consider it a celebration. However, 82% of the LGBT+ community also agree that Pride is ‘an important reminder that the fight for equality is not yet won’. This report and the campaign films highlight what we’re still fighting for, and hopefully remind people why Pride Matters.