Your commitment

As a member of the Responsible Licensing Scheme you make a commitment to:

  1. Provide Pride in London with full details on your intention for use of the highway.

  2. Once approved, apply for the appropriate licence modification with Westminster Council if required.

  3. Act as a responsible licensee in accordance with the 'Standard Licensing Rules' stated below.

  4. Display your Pride in London Responsible Licensee logo in a prominent place.

Standard Licensing Rules

Please note the following licensing rules must be observed during the Pride in London event:

Regulated entertainment

Regulated entertainment may only take place if your premises licence permits, and noise must not cause a nuisance to people outside your premises. No external sound systems are allowed, no sound systems may be placed on the highway or in any door or window facing the street. If your premises licence permits, ambient sound from bars is allowed until the end of the event at 20:00hrs, when windows and doors must be closed.


Know and adhere to your safe capacity for your premises, as detailed in your fire risk assessment and possibly on your premises licence. Queues should be supervised.

Alcohol Management

Do not serve alcohol to people who are drunk/intoxicated. Limit the amount of alcohol you sell for personal consumption only.

Personal Licence Holder/DPS

A personal licence holder/designated premises supervisor should be on site throughout the event.

Temporary bars

Temporary bars outside your premises will not be allowed. All sales of alcohol must comply with your licence (either premises licence or TEN).

No glass

Due to the risk of injury caused by glass, do not serve your drinks in glasses or glass bottles.

Food preparation

Food cannot not be prepared or cooked outside your premises. You may serve pre-packed or prepared food. You can keep this warm using compliant electrical equipment. There shall be no naked flames or pressurised gas outside your premises, i.e. no BBQs. All electrical equipment must be fully tested and comply with all relevant health and safety requirements. You must also comply with all relevant food hygiene requirements. No sales shall take place on the public highway, sales will only be allowed inside the premises or on a private forecourt. Please ensure you have approval from Pride in London for this additional activity.

Knives and dangerous equipment

You must not use knives or other dangerous equipment outside your premises.


Ensure you have adequate provisions for your customer’s litter. Provide your customers with bins, that you regularly empty. Please ensure you’ve considered how your commercial collections may be affected by road closures.

Hours of operation

Any extension must be set up no earlier than 12:00hrs and must be fully removed by 20:00hrs.


You are responsible for providing adequate security for your premises and any extended area outside your premises. If you employ Door Supervisors, they should wear high visibility jackets. You should search your customers to prevent weapons and drugs getting into the premises. If installed, ensure CCTV is in good working order.

Outdoor Smoking

If allowing smoking outdoors, the smoking area must comply with the Health Act 2006. The area should be supervised.

Off Sales

There shall be no off sales after 20:00hrs.

Temporary Seating/Tables

No temporary seating is allowed outside after 20:00hrs. Please ensure you have approval from Pride in London for this additional activity.


Report people causing a nuisance to the police or a member of the Pride in London team.

Failing to act responsibly could place your premises licence at risk. Enforcement officials will be patrolling the event footprint throughout the day.

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