The Pride’s Got Talent competition is open to:

  • New and emerging talent (established talent will be considered separately)

  • Talent without major representation

  • Non-celebrity talent

Applicants can apply for a spot in one of two categories:

  • Popular Music - This is exclusively for music acts, including both solo artists and groups.

  • Cabaret - Music/Dance (music outside of pop) Cabaret/Alternative Presenting/Hosting/ Novelty Act

How to apply

Due to the postponement of Pride in London 2020, applications for Pride's Got Talent have now closed. We'll be in touch with those who have already applied in the coming weeks. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We'll update this page with further updates when we have them. In the meantime if you're an artist hosting a performance online, we'd love to support you. You can apply to have your event listed on our events platform Coming Out.

How does it work?

The first round

Successful entries are given the opportunity to perform in front of a panel of industry-recognised judges. The panel will also include community reps who are mindful of encouraging diverse talent. Depending on their act, the performer will be seen by one of the below panels. To ensure that no one is discriminated against, the judges will judge on talent and quality within their category as listed above.

These auditions will be held in a London LGBT+ venue and will have audience members watching the competition. Each act will be asked to perform a maximum of three numbers. The panel may want to ask some questions after their audition. The panel and producer also reserve the right to not listen to or watch full performances.

Semi finals

The rounds will lead to a semi-final for each category with the same format as written above.

The final

Finalists, once again, perform in front of a panel of judges. The final is held in front of a live audience. The winning artists, within the various categories, will then be allocated into the various stages by the Producer and will be added to the Pride programme.

Finalists are competing for the following:

  • PGT Winner (supporting a PA on Trafalgar Square)

  • PGT Cabaret Winner (supporting a PA on Trafalgar Square)

  • Sponsor Associated Prizes