This year's theme is Pride Matters

This year we conducted a huge survey to find out what really matters to the LGBT+ community. 

This year's parade takes place on 7th July

500 LGBT+ parade groups will march through central London to celebrate the diversity of our community.



Download the official Pride in London app

Discover and plan your pride with our app for both iOS and Android devices. Browse 100+ events happening across London in the weeks leading up to Pride and find your way around London on parade day.

This year's Pride festival is in full swing

The Pride Festival plays host to 100+ LGBT+ events all across London every year. In the weeks leading up to Pride you'll find everything from cabaret to sports tryouts to family picnics all across the capital.

You can discover events and plan your very own Pride experience using our app on iOS and Android, or using our events website below.

Volunteer with Pride in London

It takes over a thousand volunteers on the day to keep Pride running smoothly. There are lots of different ways to help, so if you have some time to spare then please get in touch so we can tell you more

Get your Pride merchandise

We've just launched our 2018 range of Pride merchandise. Visit our Pop Up store at  72 Old Compton Street in Soho or buy online at The Gay UK.

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