Take part in the 2019 Pride Festival

In 2019, Pride Festival will provide a platform to showcase the very best from across the London LGBT+ community including theatre & cabaret shows, tours, exhibitions, conferences, museum events and much more. The award-winning festival, which is coordinated by Pride in London, has grown in just four years into a month-long festival. This year’s festival will commence on Saturday 8 June 2019 and ends on parade day Saturday 6 July 2019.

In a world of increasing competition and demand for entertainment, Pride in London's brand and highly engaged audience offers you the opportunity to be part of something special which is built for the LGBT+ community in London, UK, and the world.

Thinking of taking part? We want to hear from you!

By crowdsourcing events from our community, we are able to offer a large scale and diverse festival for the community and by the community. By meeting our criteria, we can ensure events are of high quality and accessible to our audiences.

Prospective event organisers are required to fill in the application form. Event submissions are then reviewed by Pride in London in accordance with its Events Policy and by the Community Advisory Board. Successful applicants will be notified by the Festival team in due course. Applications must be submitted by Sunday 19 May 2019.

Before you apply

Make sure you have the following or you won’t be able to complete your application:

  1. Do you have the date, place and time for your event?

  2. Have you  confirmed the event details with the venue and, is the venue accessible and inclusive?

  3. Do you have a Hi-Res landscape image for your event (larger than 1600px wide)

  4. Do you have a booking link set up to track who’s coming, or to send updates about your event?

Need more information? Check out our Pride Festival FAQs or get in touch with the Festival team: