More than a million people visit Pride in London each year and hiring a stall is a great way to meet and engage with the LGBT+ community and their allies.

Applications for 2021 are now closed. Below you can find more information on how stalls operate at Pride in London and other application details.

Whether you are a bi community organisation, an HIV testing charity, a small LGBT+ owned business or a major brand, a stall is a great way to be seen at Pride and to meet new people.

We will have stalls in six locations on Saturday 11 September 2021 (this is subject to change):

  • Trafalgar Square, North Terrace - ten 5m x 5m marquees on the northern edge of Trafalgar Square, at street level, facing the stage and with their back to the National Gallery. Within the main gated zone but outside of the inner food and drink zone at the lower, fountains level.

  • Trafalgar Square, Pall Mall East - six 3m x 3m marquees at street level along the western edge of Trafalgar Square with their back to the Canadian High Commission. Within the main gated zone but outside of the inner food and drink zone at the lower, fountains level.

  • Soho Square (Community Village) - thirty 3m x 3m marquees on the streets located along the eastern, southern and western edges of Soho Square, all opening into the road and facing towards the fenced square itself.

  • Golden Square (World Area) - ten 3m x 3m marquees on the street, on the south-western side of the square, facing towards the fenced square.

  • Cavendish Square (Women’s Stage) - ten 3m x 3m marquees at locations to be announced.

  • St Giles (Family Area & Quiet Pride) - six 3m x 3m marquees along the northern wall of St Giles in the Fields Church, facing St Giles High Street.

All stalls are open to the public from 12:00-20:00 on Saturday 11 September. Stalls are required to be open for the duration of the event, and we do not allow stalls to close or break down early. You must be able to staff your stall continuously throughout this period.

Applications closed on Sunday 27 June. After this date we review all applications and decide which are the best fit for our event. You should expect to hear our decision within a few days and if you’ve been successful, we’ll send you an invoice that will need to be paid within 7 days to secure your space. 

All organisations taking part in Pride in London, including stall-holders must agree to follow our Code of Conduct and meet the expectations in the Pride Pledge

Stallholders must agree to stall-specific terms and conditions when accepting the offer of a stall. You do not need to agree to them to apply, but if you think you may be unable to do so later, do let us know as soon as possible.

Not all organisations and brands that apply will meet the Code and Pledge and we expect to receive more applications than we have stalls. As such, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to choose which organisations are offered a stall.

What’s included?

We provide a marquee that is open to the front, and has three walls and a roof. With each stall, we aim to supply one trestle table and two chairs (more for a small fee), but do bear in mind that these can sometimes go missing.

Electricity is generally not available except for the large North Terrace stalls in Trafalgar Square, where pricing and availability will depend on how many applications are made for an electrical supply. For environmental and health and safety reasons we do not permit stallholders to bring their own generators. 

We do not allow stallholders to bring their own marquee or other structure and this includes buses, vans or ‘roadshow’ trailers.

Before you apply

We take our commitment to sustainability seriously and so ask that you are mindful of this when considering any items for sale or that you give away. Please note there are some items we do not allow for sale or giveaway purposes, and some other activities we do not allow. Please check the terms and conditions before you accept an offer or email us for advice.

Accessibility is integral to our ethos, and so we want you to make sure that whatever you do on your stall and whatever you put on it, is as accessible as possible. That means considering things such as having a floor without any bumps or steps, having tables at a low level for wheelchair users, providing information and price lists in large type, and including activities for people of all abilities.

Food and drink traders should not apply through this system — email to enquire about availability.

Stalls that do any form of trading — for instance selling items or a service for immediate or later payment — must also apply for a street trading licence from the City of Westminster. A fee of £120 is payable to the City of Westminster and the trading licence application must be made no later than 19 July, but do not apply until we have confirmed your stall. We will provide more details if your application is successful. The exception to this requirement is if you have a stall in the Family Area in St Giles, however this is not a suitable location for all types of stall.

In addition, direct fundraising and solicitation of donations is not permitted anywhere on the Pride in London footprint on the day of the event.

On the day it is your responsibility to provide proof of £5m of public liability insurance as well as a written risk assessment. Local authority inspectors may ask to see these plus any trading licence you may need. We will ask you for evidence of these before the event.


We have revamped the pricing structure in line with community feedback on how groups were prioritised. LGBT+ focussed organisations (and their members) will be prioritised over non-LGBT+ nonprofits and other companies. Business and non-LGBT+ groups will be subsidising LGBT+ community groups.

Application classes are now simpler:

LGBT+ Community Groups

  • For charities, community groups, grassroot organisations, CICs and other non-profit organisations.

  • Primary or major part of the “purpose” of the organisation must be related to the LGBT+ community.

  • £150 inc VAT for Standard stall (3m x 3m)

LGBT+ Businesses

  • For venues, websites, fashion brands, club nights, apps and other commercial enterprises.

  • A major portion of all business must be related to the LGBT+ community.

  • Sub-brands within larger companies are not eligible.

  • £325 plus VAT for Standard stall (3m x 3m) / £2,500 plus VAT for North Terrace stall (5m x 5m)

Non-profits & Unions

  • For any organisation, group or association which is a non-profit or community-orientated organisation, for example: charities, unions, unincorporated associations & sports clubs.

  • For 2021, NHS Trusts are also included in this category

  • £400 plus VAT for Standard stall (3m x 3m) / £2,500 plus VAT for North Terrace stall (5m x 5m)

Other Companies

  • Employee network, council, public sector body or any other commercial organisation

  • £900 for Standard stall (3m x 3m) / £5,000 plus VAT for North Terrace stall (5m x 5m)

Pricing depends on which class your organisation fits into and the type/location of your stall. VAT is charged at 20%

To secure your place, stalls must be paid for within 7 days of the invoice we send with your offer of a stall. If your organisation normally takes longer than this to pay an invoice, you will need to make alternative arrangements such as paying yourself and claiming back from your organisation.


If you have questions that have not been answered, please email and we will get back to you in a couple of days.