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We value the contribution that the media plays in helping to get our messages out to the wider world, to hold us to account on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community and to generate important conversation around topics and issues of importance to our community. The following details should help assist you as a member of the media.

Pride in London 2015

Media accreditation

Media Accreditation for access to the parade is mandatory.

Please pre-register for your Pride in London 2018 media pass. There are a limited number of passes and we can’t guarantee a place if you register on the day.

Media packs, including the media pass collection details will be emailed to all accredited members of media in the beginning of July.

We will do our best to assist you with your work/assignment, and provide you with the best conditions we can for you to do your work.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Registration is now closed.

If you need to reach the accreditation team please email




Media ready assets

Talking about Pride in London

Our organisation name is London LGBT+ Community Pride CIC and event 'Pride in London

Please don't refer to us as 'London Pride' or 'gay pride' as these can cause confusion and also exclude other members of the LGBT+ community.

Linking to Pride in London

Our Facebook and Instagram handles are @londonlgbtpride, Twitter is @prideinlondon & hashtag #PrideinLondon

Can I use your logo?

Use of our logo is reserved for sponsors and media.


Get in touch

For media enquiries, please get in touch with the team at: