Pride in London is delighted to reveal further details about the 2024 campaign, #WeAreEverywhere.

This campaign seeks to celebrate the power, presence and importance of the whole LGBTQ+ community, as a driver for positive change in the vital fabric of London’s past, present and future.

2024 campaign Chantelle-Kibrea
“Queer joy is just joy in oneself. If you're queer, this joy is in you.”

#WeAreEverywhere champions the everyday lives of Londoners, focusing on individuals whose very power comes from their defiant determination to live as their unapologetic selves. These queer people stand out in spaces that they enter day after day; they create space where there is none, live life on their own terms and pave the way so others can follow.

2024 pride campaign Char
“I think as gay people, queer people, we spend our lives pretending to be someone else until we can really be ourselves. And when that hits it's powerful. I want to be openly queer and fabulous and I'm not ashamed of that anymore.”

Authentic existence is the ultimate power. Wherever you go, these individuals are quietly and proudly giving their brilliance and magic to power the city. They are the unsung heroes who act with their unique queer flair to ensure that difference has a place to belong in their communities.

2024 pride campaign Lyndon
“London is just gay. Like London is a gay city. Like no matter where in London and every side of London has this little pocket of gayness. And it comes in different forms. It comes in different looks, sounds. But it's a very gay city.”

Pride in London’s 2024 campaign holds London up as the queer capital of the world by giving voice to the city’s proud people. #WeAreEverywhere utilises striking visuals and lines that demonstrate moments of empowerment, accompanied by accounts of everyday LGBTQ+ experiences. There will also be an exhibition of LGBTQ+ Londoners' place in history on [X DATE], and pictures from across the community shown in Piccadilly Circus. Taking place on 29th June, the Pride in London 2024 Parade promises to be a striking culmination in demonstration of LGBTQ+ pride and solidarity.

Join us, unapologetically. We want you to share your moments of everyday pride and empowerment with the hashtag #WeAreEverywhere. Let’s show what makes London one of the most amazing LGBTQ+-supporting cities in the world.

2024 pride campaign Jaye
2024 pride campaign Marcus-Neale
2024 pride campaign Jesse
2024 pride campaign Oscar
2024 pride campaign Jacques
2024 pride campaign Kurtis
2024 pride campaign Yasmin