Our code of conduct is designed to ensure that Pride in London, as a space for LGBT+ people across the city, is safe and inclusive for everyone. As we celebrate together there is a standard of behaviour that is expected from all parade groups, stallholders and participants that are in line with our core values of Visibility, Unity and Equality.

All groups applying to take part in Pride in London must agree to and abide by the code of conduct as a condition of entry.

If you're a Parade group or stallholder

  • The code of conduct applies equally to everyone in your parade group and/or on your stall.

  • You are collectively responsible for behaviour within your group.

  • Failure to comply with the code could result in you being asked to leave the parade, and may affect future applications.

If you're watching or attending Pride in London

Abuse or threatening behaviour of any kind will not be not tolerated at any Pride in London event. If you have any concerns on the day, our trained stewards are positioned along the parade route and in other designated Pride in London event spaces to offer support.

The Code of Conduct

1. Pride in London is a celebration of diversity and equality, and all participants in Pride in London are expected to embrace and respect this.

2. Pride in London will not tolerate any threatening, violent or offensive behaviour against its volunteers, staff, parade participants, stallholders, security personnel or members of the public.

3. Pride celebrates diversity and will not tolerate any individual or group engaged in offensive behaviour, or any signage targeting another individuals:

  • Sexuality 

  • Gender 

  • Gender identity 

  • Race 

  • Age 

  • Nationality

  • Disability

  • Appearance 

  • Religion

  • or any other protected characteristic

4. Any individual found to be harassing or infringing on the bodily integrity of other participants will be asked to exit the event immediately and will be reported to the police.

5. Any individual found to be consuming illegal substances on the parade route or wider event footprint will be removed and referred to the police.

6. Any parade participant or stall representative that is deemed aggressive, incapacitated, threatening, a threat to their own health, or unable to fulfill the role they intended to do due to intoxication, will not be permitted to take part in the event.

7. Pride in London politely requests that everyone act responsibly and according to the law with regards to alcohol consumption across the event footprint, including within the parade form up area, and during the parade itself. Wheel stewards must refrain from consuming alcohol whilst in the parade form up area, and on the parade route.

8. Nudity, obscenity, indecent exposure or sexual acts in public by parade particpants or stall holders is not allowed in the parade form up area, along the parade route or any other event space managed by Pride in London. As a guidance, ‘swimsuit coverage’ is the minimum requirement.

9. Pride in London expects participants to abide by the sustainability guidance provided. This includes:

  • Only using biodegradable glitter

  • No smoke, paint or glitter bombs

  • No stickers or single use handouts

  • No releasing of balloons

10. If you see or are notified of any incident that would break this code of conduct, please notify a steward or a member of the Police immediately.

Failure to abide by the Code of Conduct can result in the following:

Pride in London reserves the right to remove any group, person(s) or float from the form up area of the parade or the parade route itself if in the opinion of the organisers their behaviour is deemed offensive, puts spectators or other participants at risk of physical harm, violates the code of conduct, or is a hindrance to the progress of the parade. Any fees paid will be forfeited.