Paintbrushes, pencils, and paper down - applications have now closed!

Pride In London's FIFTY-TWO art competition opened in May and has now closed for applications. We received an overwhelming amount of fabulous submissions from talented artists within our community.

We're excited to announce our team of esteemed community panellists, alongside celebrity panellists, Sue Perkins, Anna Richardson, and TV-Legend Denise Welch, who have shortlisted over 100 entries for our curator, Dusty O, to finalise into 51 final pieces. The 52nd piece will then be exclusively created by Dusty O herself. Here's what our celebrity panellists had to say about being involved.

fifty two judges collage

“Creativity has never been more important than it is now. It can provide us with ways to channel our energy in positive directions and can therefore have a very positive effect on our mental health and life in general. It has been exciting to see the work produced for FIFTY-TWO, much of it a unique catalogue of the creativity unleashed during lockdown”. - Denise Welch

“It’s great to be supporting Pride In London’s first Queer Art Exhibition and to have the opportunity to see so much beautiful work from the LGBTQ community in London” - Sue Perkins

“If Art is a representation of life and the struggle of life, then what greater struggle is there than that of identity? Our identity reflects our soul, who we are, and our place in the world - it goes without saying that shining a light on Queer Art is crucial, and that we should be hearing the voices behind it loud and clear.” - Anna Richardson

Our digital exhibition of the selected entries will launch at the end of July, and all pieces will be available to buy. The funds raised will be donated to Pride In London's Unity Fund.

The FIFTY-TWO art exhibition is an enormous opportunity to shine the spotlight on LGBT+ artists and their unique take on artwork that represents 52 years since the first Pride Festival.

As our curator, Dusty O, puts it, "FIFTY TWO is giving us a voice. Now it’s time to ROAR!"

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