Aran Guest

In Memoriam 73284


Artist name

Aran Guest



Artwork information

A limited edition (1/10) giclee print in a triptych format, Image size 101.6 x 53 cm, Print size including border 112 x 64 cm


The artwork depicts two angels one each side of an image of a concentration - camp shirt displaying a pink triangle and a “P” initial with a prisoner number. This artwork commemorates the 75th anniversary of the Holocaust and is dedicated to the gay men and women that were so brutally murdered and abused by the Nazi regime during World War ll.


About the artist

Before I became a contemporary artist I worked for thirty years as a hair and make-up artist in the fashion industry. I wrote my autobiography “From Rags to Couture” to inspire other individuals from impoverished backgrounds to follow their dreams. My work appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers, and I also worked at The Academy Awards, The Golden Globes, The Grammys and The World Music Awards.