Ben Youdan



Artist name

Ben Youdan



Artwork information

Collage, acrylic paint, glitter, sequins, metal padlock and chain, nippleglamps, plastic and PVA on MDF board, 42 x 48 inches


This work explores the sensuality of leather and kink in a celebratory manner. It depicts a young man and his leather family in attempt to depict how queer people find alternatives to the traditional notions of family and relationship whilst exploring their sexuality. There is a layered collage depicting the three members of the group and the main image painted over the top.


About the artist

Ben Youdan is a Queer artist from Liverpool. His work explores themes of sexuality, queer identity and challenges traditional notions of masculinity. He has had several solo exhibitions and has participated in The Homotopia arts festival and the Liverpool Bienale. He also set up a successful pop up shop that sold his work. In addition to this his work has been acquired by The museum of Liverpool for their permanent collection and has been featured on Madonna’s “Rebel Heart” world tour.