Fipsi Seilern / PANG

Virgin xtravaganzah

Mixed Media

Artist name

Fipsi Seilern / PANG



Artwork information

Oil on canvas, LED strip light, shrine cloth, plastic candles, plastic flowers, 260 x 150 x 60cm


This artwork is a portrait of the fabulous drag queen performer Virgin Xtravaganzah, which I have extended into a shrine as a homage to the gestures and materials of traditional worship, in the context of contemporary beliefs that celebrate acceptance, diversity and pride. I am also raising questions about how religion has shaped social thinking regarding diverse gender identities and LGBTQIA+ cultures.


About the artist

My current work focuses on the performance of belief. I am interested in the institutions that shape and continue to affect our convictions. Religious and social rituals have become a key part of my research and practice. As someone who identifies as a lesbian and was raised as Catholic, I use my own experiences and previous internal conflicts to motivate the direction of my work.