Gadge Roberts

Chemical burn


Artist name

Gadge Roberts



Artwork information

Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 50 cm


The LGBTQ+ community are more susceptible to mental health issues due to discrimination, inequalities and isolation. This can lead to the need for medication, substance abuse and in the worst cases, suicide.

Based on the artist's own experiences, Chemical Burn is a call to arms for us to come together and support the most vulnerable members of our community.


About the artist

Primarily auto-biographical, Gadge’s paintings act as vignettes, drawing on his vibrant background working within Soho’s cloth trade and a sustained time living in The Hague before returning to London. Exploring subjects such as mental illness, the UK class system and distorted memories of childhood, Gadge’s paintings invite the viewer to reflect on his surreal imagery and think outside the box.

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