Karina Akopyan

Dancing gargoyles


Artist name

Karina Akopyan



Artwork information

Edition of 30, Gicl̩e prints on Hahnemuhle 308 gsm paper, all signed and numbered, 42 x 43 cm including white borders


The original idea for this was to create a piece showing a gentle relationship between two angelic yet horned hermaphrodite creatures. Instead of focusing on gender I wanted to focus on body and delicate beauty.

For design of those costumes I was inspired by albino bats and gargoyles. I specifically chose Gargoyles for the title because they are always portrayed as such ugly creatures. I don't see beauty without ugliness and ugliness without beauty. To me two coexist perfectly together.


About the artist

With an aesthetic rooted in fetishism and decorative style of Russian folk, Karina Akopyan’s work features painting, photography, sculpture, installations and a selection of costume pieces. The series is a bold questioning of sexuality, religion, ritual, and iconography – in all their jarring coexistence yet inevitable convergence; debating the preservation of values and traditions, as either a beautiful necessity or, rather, a deceleration of progress.