Lisa Maria Ortiz

London, July 1st 1972


Artist name

Lisa Maria Ortiz



Artwork information

Oil on wood, 30 x 20 inches


The image is taken from one of the photographs from the first London Pride marches. Still newly legal, the police walk with the crowd. My work tends to show the darker side of life. To think that so many have had to take their lives in their own hands to be true to themselves, that is truly empowering.


About the artist

Lisa Maria Ortiz confidently portrays images of both beauty and distortion, drawn from many experiences, observations and passions in her life. It brings a beautiful yet haunting quality to her work. She creates paintings that are from the heart, combining subjects of both serenity and rawness. Lisa Maria covers such themes as love, sexuality, voyeurism, and death in a unique and avant-garde painterly style.