Simon Bell

Friends of Dorothy


Artist name

Simon Bell



Artwork information

Acrylic on stretched canvas, unframed, 30 x 40 inches


I has always been fascinated by clouds. Lying on an Ibizan beach looking up at the subtle convergences of clouds. I often see faces sometimes in great detail. I fantasized about a form of afterlife where the lost can still look down on the earth from the heavens.


About the artist

Studied art in the seventies. Lived through the eye of the aids storm in the eighties, losing almost all friends, lovers and acquaintances. I was profoundly impacted by my experiences and am still being treated for complex PTSD. In the eighties I received a lot of popular media attention for my sculptures which were assemblages representing a dystopian technology. My paintings are based on paredolia which is that unconscious tendency to imagine faces in shadows, or in this case clouds.