Studio Prokopiou

Castration of Uranus


Artist name

Studio Prokopiou



Artwork information

Digital C-type photographic print (unframed), 450 x 584 mm


This work makes reference to the story from Greek mythology where Uranus, a personification of the sky, is castrated by his son Cronos, the God of Time. In Allegorical terms: the sky as an etymologically masculine symbol represents the universal order or status quo. The subsequent birth of Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty and Love, from the foam of the genitals created as they were cast into the ocean, signifies the blossoming of the possibility of a new cosmic order.


About the artist

London based Phillip Prokopiou was born to Greek immigrants in South Africa. The self-taught photographer established a practice in 2014 under the name Studio Prokopiou, co-founded with his partner in life and art, Greek native, Panos Poimenidis. Their work is an exploration of queer identity and self invention informed by art history, popular culture and classical mythology. The images are the result of an ongoing dialogue between the duo's subjects and collaborators.

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