"I march with my future husband" by Dani

30 Jun 2023

Dani (she/her) & her ally, Alix (he/him)

Shot by Bex Wade (they/them)

Dani and Alix are engaged and have been dating for 3 ½ years. Both Dani and Alix find the word ‘ally’ tricky, as they believe everyone’s starting point should be one of acceptance. For Dani, true allies are active listeners who educate themselves on how best to support others. This Pride in London, Dani marches with power.

What does allyship mean? Alix and I are quite funny about the word ‘ally’. Everybody should be an ally as a starting point, it’s what you then do afterwards. You need to be an active ally, not a performative one.

(Alix: It’s about listening and educating yourself, not going to others for them to tell you what to do. Work out what’s within your own skillset to help other people.)

When I came out as trans, it was a completely different landscape to now. With the heightened visibility that the community now has, there’s a greater opportunity for trans people to see themselves reflected. Representation is completely life-changing for young trans people.

I want to help young people feel less isolated and to find joy where once there was a lack.