"I march with my mum" by Izémrasen

30 Jun 2023

Izémrasen (he/they) & his ally, Alex (she/her)

Shot by Florence Law (they/them)

Izémrasen describes his mum as his biggest ally, someone who’s always been supportive and open to listen. Ever since he was little, the pair have several passions - including art, basketball and activism. Attending Pride as a teenager gave Izémrasen a sense of belonging. This Pride in London, Izémrasen marches with strength.

How does your ally support you? My mum has been the biggest support. There’s so many things I love about my mum, she’s always ready to listen.

As I grew up, my mum's work as an artist was a great inspiration, making me the creative and multidisciplinary Artist I am today.

We’ve also played basketball together since I was a kid, which is a huge passion of mine.

My mum and I have gone to protests together since I was young. She was the first person to take me to Pride! It was eye-opening to see that there was a place for me, a place where I belong.

Pride’s roots are in protest - and protest and activism are my whole life. I want to take space and fight for my community’s right to just exist, peacefully.

I march with strength

I march with my mum