Why have you cancelled the event?

Primarily because the health and safety of our Volunteers, Participants, Audience, Partners and Contractors must come first. Whilst we are all pleased that the majority of our population continue to be vaccinated, Pride attracts an estimated 1.5m people on the day of Pride and over 30,000 people participating in the parade. Pride had extensive discussions with local government, Public Health England and other agencies and there was, sadly, no way that we could guarantee the covid-19 safety of all who participate or watch the event.

Why have there been protest marches and other events taking place in Central London?

Each event must undertake its own assessment of how it can be managed safely, however Pride in London is one of the biggest free events in the United Kingdom, spread over several miles of our Capital. Pride in London has followed other events such as Notting Hill Carnival, Manchester Pride and Brighton Pride in having to take the decision to cancel.

When did you realise that you would need to cancel the event?

The decision was taken by the volunteer Board of Directors at 8pm on Monday 2nd August. This follows extensive discussions with Local Government and Public Health Bodies in the preceding week.

Were there any other options considered besides cancelling the event in its entirety?

Yes, there was an alternative option to reduce the event down to stages within controlled spaces. i.e. Trafalgar Square, Golden Square and Cavendish Square. This would have meant availability of a limited number of tickets with all ticket holders having to comply with covid-19 regulations, that would have included showing proof of vaccination and a negative Covid test result conducted within 48 hours of the event. Pride has a proud heritage of protest, and at times celebration which has always stemmed from the Parade. The Parade is the heart of what we do.

Will you be hosting a Digital Pride or any other Pride events?

There will be no Digital Pride. We will be hosting Pride Got Talent, our showcase of LGBT+ performers and artists on September 21st 2021

Who is responsible for making the decision to cancel the parade?

The decision was taken by the volunteer Board of Directors of Pride in London.

What agencies do you work with in the logistical planning of the event?

We work with a range of agencies that include: the Greater London Authority, Westminster City Council (Events & Public Health), Transport for London, London Ambulance Service, London Fire Brigade and the Metropolitan Police Service

What happens next?

We will immediately begin planning for 2022 as it takes upward of 10 months to work through logistical planning.

What does Covid-19 have to do with cancelling the event?

On July 14th 2021, the government released updated Covid-19 guidelines for large public events, as a result we had to review all risk assessments and the mitigation measures needed to comply.

I registered for the parade or for a stall and my application was accepted. Will I still need to apply in 2022?

All Parade Groups and Stall applicants who have registered for Pride 2021 will be asked to reapply for Pride 2022. This is the same process we undertook when Pride 2020 was cancelled for Pride 2021. All Parade Groups / Stall applicants will be sent emails announcing when applications will open.

I need to change the contact details for my Parade / Stall application as Person X will / has left my organisation.

All Parade Groups and Stall applicants who have registered for Pride 2021 will be asked to reapply for Pride 2022. All contact details will be amended at this time. Please make sure you and your organisation follow our social media channels and you regularly check our website for the latest information.

Why did you not run the parade and ask people to socially distance themselves,wear a facemask and ensure they are vaccinated with a negative test within 48hours of the parade?

The wearing of face masks and asking Parade Participants to maintain social distancing on the Parade may have been possible, however, with around 1.5 million spectators and 30,000 parade participants, it would have been impossible to have social distancing on the event footprint. As a volunteer-led organisation, the resources and finances needed to do this were simply not possible. In the past few weeks, several parade groups who have members who are considered high risk, have had to withdraw from the Parade. Pride strives for parity of participation which was also a factor in our decision to cancel the event.

Cases are reducing in the UK. Why are you not running Pride this year?

The health of the large number of people who we interact with must come first. This includes our volunteers, participants, partners and audience. Pride in London is one of the biggest events in the UK and draws hundreds of thousands people to watch the Parade, with an estimated 1.5m on the day.

Can we still turn up and march / protest etc anyway?

As Pride in London has been cancelled any safety infrastructure planned (such as road closures) will no longer be in place. Our advice is to consult with the MET and local authorities before arranging a march and consider all of the health advice widely publicised by Public Health England and the Government.

Did you cancel due to the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks?

The decision to cancel the event was made as a result of discussions with local government and national authorities including Public Health England for the reasons stated above.

Will you have an event in 2022?

Yes. Planning for 2022 has begun, which commemorates the 50th anniversary of Pride in the UK. We will be sharing more details shortly including how you can get involved.

What is the date for Pride in London 2022?

We will be announcing the date for 2022 very shortly. Look forward to seeing us on the streets around the end of June / early July.

I have a suggestion for the 2022 event, who can I contact?

Please send your suggestion to 2022@prideinlondon.org

I would like to be considered to perform in 2022?

Please contact stages@prideinlondon.org

I am planning an event in 2022 can Pride in London support in any way?

We currently promote events organised by the LGBT+ community. We publish events from coffee mornings to west end musicals through our events platform and social channels “Coming Out”. The team can be contacted through comingout@prideinlondon.org

When will Parade applications open for groups / organisations for Pride 2022?

Parade applications will open in the New Year. Follow our social media channels and visit our website regularly for the latest information.

Do I need to reapply for disabled access for 2022?

If you have already filled in an access requirement form for this year, you will need to complete another application for 2022. Access requirement forms will be available for 2022 soon - please check the access page for updates soon.

I want to have a stall at Pride 2022? Who can I contact?

Stall details for 2022 are currently being worked on and initial enquiries can be made by contacting our Stall Team: stalls@prideinlondon.org

I want to sponsor / donate to Pride 2022. Who can I contact?

If you would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact our Strategic Partnership Team: sponsor@prideinlondon.org We welcome donations of any amount, please click DONATE to give today.

You have called for the UK Government to declare 2022 as the Year of Queer, are there ways to support this?

Yes, you can write to your local Member of Parliament (MP) - Find my MP or write directly to the government’s Special Envoy for LGBT+ rights - Lord Nick Herbert / nick@nickherbert.com