We will continue to update this page with information as we get closer to the Parade Day on the 1st July!

The Parade Route

Pride has returned to the heritage route that it took 2022: commencing at Hyde Park Corner, travelling down Piccadilly, crossing Piccadilly Circus, turning into Haymarket, then turning left towards Trafalgar Square and dispersing on Whitehall Place.

parade route 2022

Event Areas

​​The event areas for 2023 are:

  • Trafalgar Square -> The Trafalgar Square Stage

  • Golden Square -> The World Stage

  • Leicester Square -> The Women’s Stage

  • Dean Street -> The Cabaret Stage

  • St Giles in the Fields -> The Family Area

  • Soho Square -> Community Stalls

All areas run from 12:00 to 20:00 with the exception of the Family Area which will run from 12:00 to 18:00.

Road Closures

Please click the button below to see the affected Road Closures during the Pride Event

See Road Closures

Zone G Permit holders will be able to park in Resident Parking Bays in E (Mayfair) & F (north of Oxford Street) zones during the event parking suspensions. This will be from 18:30 on Friday 1st July 2022 to 08:30 on Monday 4th July 2022.

For more information about the Zones, please click the following link.

Deliveries and Commercial Waste Collections

Roads will be closed across the whole footprint which will affect vehicular access for businesses and residents. Please note that all feeder roads into the closed roads will also be affected. As a result, normal deliveries and waste collections may be affected on Saturday 1 July.

If you have not made appropriate arrangements for collection, commercial waste cannot be placed out on the street.

Adhering to commercial waste collection requirements is very important. London Climate Week runs 25th June – 3rd July, and Pride in London is committed to focussing on reducing waste and improving our sustainability impact. We ask you to consider how you can help to minimise your waste on Parade day, where possible.

Business Information Pack

An in depth Information Pack for Businesses can be downloaded below. This information pack has been designed to give you information on how the day will affect London, your business and of course how you can take part.

Download Business Information Pack


Pride in London aims to end all activities on the public highway at 20:00, following which street and environmental cleansing will begin.

If you are a licensed premises, you must follow the conditions of your premises licence.

If you are located in the Soho or surrounding areas and would like to do anything that impacts the highway (including pavements) outside of your normal operation, you must apply to do so. The Pride in London footprint can become very crowded and so it may not be possible to grant permission for some requests. Please note: The al-fresco street dining licences around Soho will be suspended on Saturday 1st July.

In all other areas we ask you to consider if al-fresco street dining can be operated safely. Pride in London will not provide any barriers or security staff to enable you to manage al-fresco dining.

For more information about licensing and conditions to be observed, please refer to the Business Information Pack or email rbl@prideinlondon.org for a copy.

Responsible Licensing Scheme

If you operate on a road which is closed and managed by Pride in London, you may have the opportunity to extend the activities of your normal premises licence for the day of Pride, meaning that you can potentially stay open later, or modify your business footprint between 12:00 and 20:00.

You can apply to use the public highway during the event by signing up to Pride in London’s Responsible Licensing Scheme. This will allow you to present your request to us as the organisers so we can support you with what is feasible for the area.

Pride in London reviews all highway extension applications, and acceptance will be on a case-by-case basis. Any additional street activity will need to allow a 4m-wide clear route for emergency vehicles. If necessary, we’ll consult with Westminster City Council and the Metropolitan Police. If approved, the Business Liaison Team will contact you to discuss next steps. Please ensure you have approval from Pride in London for additional activity.

To apply for the Responsible Licence Scheme, please complete the following form. The deadline for applications is no later than 12:00 on Friday 24th June.

For more information or help in your Responsible Licence Scheme application, please refer to the Business Information Pack or contact us at rbl@prideinlondon.org.

Modifying your Licence / Temporary Event Notice (TEN)

If you have a premises licence check the conditions to confirm what activities you are permitted and the restrictions that apply. If you want to modify your normal operation you will need to apply for a Temporary Event Notice with Westminster City Council.

Please note: for safety reasons, we are unlikely to approve any application made for al-fresco dining.

Please use the following link to access the application form and guidance notes.

The deadline for application is on Friday 16th June. If you need any advice or assistance with your application for a TEN please email Westminster Council on ehconsultationteam@westminster.gov.uk and police.tens@westminster.gov.uk

For more information on your TEN application, please refer to your Business Information Pack or email us at rbl@prideinlondon.org.

On-The-Day Communication

The Resident and Business Liaison team will be in your area on Parade Day and, alongside the Metropolitan Police and Westminster City Council, will be available to field any last-minute issues that may come up. If you have any unexpected disruption in the area of your business, please contact our Event Liaison Team for Pride in London by calling the following number: 0204 576 9744