The next Parade takes place on 27th June 2020. Want to be part of it? Find out how you can get involved below.

As part of a parade group

Got a group of people that you'd like to march with? Great! Applications for groups to apply are open from Thursday 16 January to Sunday 16 February.

If you'd like to apply, make sure to download our parade applications guide containing all the information you'll need to complete your application. Make sure you also read and understand what's expected of your parade group in our Code of Conduct.

Start or Continue a 2020 Application

If your group has already applied, make sure you download and read our guidance for walking groups, and guidance for groups with floats so that you have all the information you need to plan a great day for your group or organisation.

As an individual

If you're not part of a group and are not affiliated with an LGBT+ organisation, that's fine! You can still be a part of the parade in three different ways:

Volunteer as a Steward

It takes around 1,000 people to put on the Pride in London event on the day, so we appreciate any and all help. Join us as a volunteer to help make the parade happen.

As part of the individuals group

Even if you're not affiliated with an LGBT+ organisation, or your employer won't be joining the parade, you can still be a part of it! Walk proud with our group of individuals. Applications will open in the coming months.

For any questions email

As a Flagbearer

The job of carrying the giant 50 metre long flag towards the front of the parade is a very important one. If you'd like to be a flagbearer, look out for applications opening in the next few months.

For any questions email

If you have an accessibility need and would like other options to join the parade, information can be found on the Accessibility section of our website.

Got a question?

If you’re still unsure about something then please contact us by clicking the pink speech bubble in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

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