As part of a parade group

Parade applications for 2023 are now open! For more information on group/organisation applications or to begin your application, click the button below:

Parade Application 2023

As a stallholder

Applications for stalls: For more information on how stalls operate at Pride in London and other application details check out our Hire a stall page.

As an individual

If you're not part of a group and are not affiliated with an LGBT+ organisation, that's fine! You can still be a part of the parade in two different ways:

Volunteer as a Steward

It takes around 1,000 people to put on the Pride in London event on the day, so we appreciate any and all help. Join us as a volunteer to help make the parade happen.

Register to be a Steward

As an independent participant

Even if you're not affiliated with an LGBT+ organisation, or your employer won't be joining the parade, you can still be a part of it! Walk proud within a group of independent participants.

Register as an independent participant

As a Flag Bearer

This is now your opportunity to be a part of the parade as one of our Flag Bearers. You will help to carry the pride flag along the entire route in a prominent position at the front of the parade.

Register as a flag bearer

If you have an accessibility need and would like other options to join the parade, information can be found on the Accessibility section of our website.

Got a question?

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