Commemorating 50 Years of LGBT+ Pride in the UK

Pride in London commemorates and celebrates 50 years of LGBT+ pride marches in the UK through our campaign #AllOurPride.

Crafted by an entirely LGBT+ creative team, #AllOurPride is a unifying campaign that connects our present with five decades of powerful LGBT+ moments, celebrations and historic community events in London.

We unite, we march, we stand, we dance, we remember, and we will come together and cry, for #AllOurPride.

This year, our campaign explores the community’s fight for respect, decriminalisation of love, and the challenging but ultimately victorious battles around Section 28 and the ban on gay men donating blood. In a time of tremendous adversity for the community on many fronts, #AllOurPride reflects the multitude of battles we have been fighting as a country and as a city. It also offers a platform to the community’s ongoing struggles, such as the fight to ensure a ban on conversion therapy for all members of the LGBT+ community.

people marching pride parade

On Saturday 2 July, after a two-year hiatus, the 2022 Pride Parade returns to the streets of the capital with nearly 40,000 applications from all sections of the community and over 400 community groups. The parade pays homage to the 1972 march, passing significant sites from the UK’s first LGBT+ movement

FAQs about the parade

Support the Unity Fund

The Unity Fund is a new Pride in London initiative which will distribute one-off grants to grassroots organisations that are advocating for and addressing the needs of the LGBT+ community throughout the UK – both in times of crisis and every day.

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Volunteer for Pride in London

We have hundreds of stewards who volunteer at events during the fortnight around Pride. It's a great way to make friends, learn new skills and make a difference. If you'd like to volunteer as a steward on the day in 2023 then please apply now and we'll get in touch with more information.

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