Frequently asked questions

Our stewards and security are there to help you on the day, but check out our FAQs below for useful information to make 2018 your best Pride in London yet!


Supporters walking in Pride in London Parade

Supporters walking in Pride in London Parade

When does the Parade start?

The Parade starts at 12:00 (midday) and will finish about 17:00. Find out more here.

Do I need a ticket?

Pride in London is a completely free event – you are welcome to watch the Parade and see acts at any of our four stages for free. We ask for a donation if possible to help support Pride in London and keep it free for everyone. You may need to pay entry into some bars, separate events and after parties. More details on our website:

Can I join in with the Parade?

Depending on numbers and time, you may be able to join the end of the Parade. Please ask a volunteer steward for the latest information on the day.

Where do I go after the Parade finishes?

There’s still loads to do after the Parade, so you can visit the stages at Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square or make your way into Soho and Golden Square.

Who's in the Parade?

This year’s Parade is our most diverse yet, with a huge range of groups from community services and local charities to sports clubs and LGBT+ representatives. Discover the full list of Parade groups here.

Where's the best place to get a view of the Parade?

You can follow the Parade route via our app or the online map. We’d recommend avoiding Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus and other areas that are always particularly busy – if you have a chance, check out Bandstand tickets that can guarantee one of the best views on the day!


Pride in London Parade Group with rainbow umbrellas

Pride in London Parade Group with rainbow umbrellas

How do I get there?

The closest stations to the Parade will be busy, so consider using alternative stations and walking. Plan your travel here.

When’s the last tube?

You can find out the last tube on the TfL website or check out the Citymapper app to plan your journey. The Victoria, Piccadilly, Central, Jubilee and Northern lines are all open 24 hours. 

How do I get home?

We recommend using the TfL website or Citymapper to plan your journey home – but it’s worth remembering there are some road closures that will affect taxis. Remember that the Victoria, Piccadilly, Central, Jubilee and Northern lines are all open 24 hours.

What are the road closures?

We don’t recommend driving to the Parade or the Pride in London area, but if you need to find out more about road closures you can also ask a steward on the day.

How do I know if something’s accessible?

This year Pride in London is more accessible than ever, and we want everyone to enjoy the Parade. If you need to find out more about accessible access head online. There is also Blue Badge parking all around the area, and chargeable disabled parking at car parks. Please feel free to contact our Access team - you can call, text or message on WhatsApp on 07539 196313. You can also email

Safety and Services

Pride in London in Trafalgar Square

Pride in London in Trafalgar Square

What should I do if I lose my friends?

Try to contact them via text or WhatsApp, and if you are having connectivity issues Facebook Messenger is often a good alternative. Otherwise speak to a Steward or a member of Security who can try to help.

Is there a lost child area?

There is a lost child area in the South-East corner of Trafalgar Square, where the medical services and first aid can also be found. If in doubt, please speak to a Steward or a member of Security. For more information about families at Pride in London, you can check out our Family Stage in Golden Square!

Is there an age restriction?

There is no specific age restriction at Pride in London or the Parade, but please bear in mind it can be very busy and overwhelming for younger members of the crowd! There are family-friendly spaces on the day – and check out our Family Stage in Golden Square.

How do I find the nearest first aid area?

If you’re in need of first aid assistance, please find a Steward or a member of Security to help you as soon as possible.

Where can I find the nearest facilities like baby-changing, toilets and cash machines?

Our maps and Parade page can help you find facilities along the Parade route and in the area. Otherwise feel free to ask a steward or member of Security on the day.

Can I drink outside?

Yes, you are allowed to drink outside in most areas but if in doubt check with your nearest Steward. Stay safe when drinking with Drinkaware's advice – and be aware of the restrictions in Trafalgar Square (more info below).

Can I take drinks to Trafalgar Square?

This year there are to be no unopened bottles of any kind... even water. Only sealed bottles. If the bottle has been opened then it cannot be taken into the Square. You can take empty bottles, and there will be two bars giving out free water and there are two water fountains. There is also to be no glass taken into the Square. (These restrictions only apply to Trafalgar Square.)

Where can I refill my drink/how can I stay hydrated?

You can refill your bottle within Trafalgar Square for free. We are also working with Refill London so that businesses in the area allow you to refill your water bottles.


Pride in London spectators at the stages

Pride in London spectators at the stages

How do I find out what’s on at different stages?

You can see a list of our stage acts and timings here.