Honouring Lives Lost to Transphobia

20 Nov 2023

Today on Trans Day of Remembrance, Pride in London mourns the devastating loss of 320 transgender and gender diverse individuals who were killed between October 1, 2022 and September 30, 2023, as reported by Trans Murder Monitoring. These precious lives were taken simply for living as their true selves.

The Trans Murder Monitoring report reveals that an overwhelming 94% of those murdered were trans women or trans-feminine people. Racism compounds this violence, with 80% of those killed being trans people of colour.

These alarming statistics only scratch the surface, as countless homicides, attacks and acts of abuse go unreported or misclassified. This disturbing violence disproportionately targets the most vulnerable in our communities - trans women of colour and trans sex workers.

We are heartbroken by the murder of 16-year-old Brianna Ghey, a trans teenager who was stabbed to death in the UK in February. Brianna's young life was ruthlessly cut short by transphobia.

On this sombre day of remembrance, Pride in London honours the humanity and dignity of every trans life lost. Each was a loving soul that deserved freedom, joy and safety.

We recommit to combating transphobia however it manifests. Discrimination, exclusion and violence have no place in our society. We stand in solidarity with the trans community and will continue advocating for justice until all trans people can live freely without fear.

Trans lives matter. Black Trans Lives Matter. Trans rights are human rights. We must stand together, speak up and take action to end this epidemic of violence and prejudice against the trans community.

"We say their names - remembering the trans lives cut short by violence and intolerance. We carry their stories, lift their voices, to ensure they are never forgotten. The trans community will prevail with love and in their memory." - Christopher Joell-Deshields, CEO - Pride in London

In addition to those we’ve lost to acts of violence, we also mourn the many trans people who have taken their own lives after enduring relentless bullying, discrimination, rejection, and lack of support. The suffering imposed by transphobia and a society that does not fully embrace diversity drives too many down this tragic path. These lives also deserve to be honoured, remembered, and catalyse us to build a more inclusive world where all trans people are cherished for who they are.

If you or someone you know is struggling, please know you are not alone. Resources and a compassionate community are available to assist you:

Join one of the vigils (published by Not a Phase) taking place across the country.

TDoR Vigil London - Soho Square - Monday 20th Nov From 6.30pm

TDoR Vigil Manchester - Vimto Park - Monday 20th Nov From 6.30pm

TDoR Vigil Cardiff - National Museum Cardiff - Monday 20th Nov From 6.00pm

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