"I march with my wife" by Frankie

30 Jun 2023

Frankie (they/them) & their ally, Rebeccah (she/her)

Shot by Holly Revell (they/she)

Frankie’s wife, Rebeccah, is one of their biggest allies, and a constant support throughout their transition. When changing their name and pronouns, Frankie was apprehensive about family and friends’ reactions, but feels grateful to have received nothing but love. This Pride in London, Frankie marches with courage.

What does allyship mean? An ally can be a friend, family member or colleague. It’s someone who actively promotes and aspires to advance the culture and inclusion of the trans community through positive and intentional efforts.

How does your ally support you? Rebeccah has always been there for me throughout my transition. She supports me by encouraging me to be my true self and speaks up when others do not.

My family were all very supportive. I’m from a small town, and I was initially apprehensive about the reaction when I changed my name and pronouns. But I feel grateful to have received nothing but love from them.

Another ally is my best friend, Jay. We lost touch for a while, but when we reconnected we realised that we’d both been going through a similar journey’s

I march with my wife

I march with courage