Tribute To Sheila Gwatkins

22 Mar 2024

Sheila was a good person with a heart of gold and despite her own disabilities, she always had time for everyone else.

I remember one time, I was working in the Pride shop and Sheila was in buying as much merchandise as she could afford when suddenly we had a rush of customers and I noticed that she had disappeared; I didn't think much of it but next thing you know, in she rolls in her chair with coffees for everyone and she refused to let us pay for them as she could see how stressed we were she treated us, knowing that we hadn't had coffee yet. That was Sheila to a tee, generous to a fault and always had time for you no matter what she was doing. She always said "Be true to yourself". Sheila we miss you like crazy, especially on Pride day where you could be found everywhere we turned and always wanting to help out. If you could have got down the staircase in Trafalgar Square you would have done so to help us out. Rest In Rainbow Power Sheila you will never be forgotten.

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