Pride in London is dedicated to ensuring that we have as positive an impact as possible on the local community and the local businesses and residents. In order to keep everyone up to date on exactly how Pride in London might affect them, we've collected key information here for you to use to plan your Parade day on Saturday 27 June 2020.

As a reference, the final 2019 resident and business information letter is available and can be downloaded here (PDF), providing you with key details on road closures, parking restrictions, safety considerations, our on the day mobile number and much more.

Please note: The current information refers to Pride in London 2019 and may be subject to change, so please check back regularly.

Road closures

In order to put on the Parade and keep people safe, we need to close roads temporarily around the London area. The maps below illustrate where will be closed and during what times.

Along the Parade route

Parade road closure summary – June 2019

In Soho

Soho road closure summary – June 2019

Extend your trading license with a Temporary Event Notice (TEN)

How to know if you need a TEN

If your business has a premises licence, check the conditions to confirm what activities you are permitted and the restrictions that apply. If you want to modify your normal operation, you will need to apply for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) with Westminster City Council. This may be either to:

  • allow people to consume alcohol outside your premises – i.e. off sales (and off sales are not stated on your licence);

  • or if you currently operate as a restaurant and want the flexibility for your customers to consume alcohol without being ancillary to food; or

  • to extend your normal licensable hours

How to apply for a TEN

Pride in London can facilitate communication between businesses and Westminster City Council for those who wish to apply for a TEN.

You must first complete Pride in London's Responsible Licensing Scheme in order to apply for a TEN. The deadline for 2020 will be announced soon.

Download key information on the Responsible Licensing Scheme and an overview of Licensing rules in our 2019 RBL Business Information Pack.

Deliveries and commercial waste collections

Vehicle access will be affected during the road closure times, therefore your normal deliveries and waste collections may be affected on Saturday 27 June. If you have not made appropriate arrangements for collection, commercial waste cannot be placed out on the street.

Adhering to commercial waste collection requirements is very important, and compliance to these requirements will be taken into consideration as part of the Responsible Licensing Scheme process.

London Climate Week runs 1-8 July, and Pride in London is committed to focusing on reducing waste and improving our sustainability impact. We ask you to consider how you can help to minimise your waste on Parade day, where possible.

Get involved

Become a Pride in London partner

We have a Pride Partnership scheme, through which we can offer you some fantastic promotional opportunities in exchange for a partnership fee. By making a small contribution to keep Pride in London a free event for all, we will promote your business and give you the tools to tell potential customers about your association with Pride. If you're interested in hearing more please email us.

Celebrate Pride with us

Pride in London is the third largest Pride event in the world, and generates a huge amount of tourism for London, so there’s a great potential for your business to benefit from the extra visitors to the city. If you’re located along the parade route or in Soho, you’ll see your footfall soar!

More than half of last year's visitors said they were more likely to spend their money with LGBT+ friendly companies, so as well as being a great way to show your support for the community, it may well benefit your business to get involved in the run up to the main event.

We also find year after year that businesses showing visible support for the event are much more likely to generate positive buzz on social media and greater press coverage, so it’s a great way to increase your profile and get some fantastic PR.

You might consider:

  • Installing a window display that highlights your support for the LGBT+ community. This could be as simple as a rainbow flag, but feel free to go all out!

  • Creating a product or service that represents Pride or the LGBT+ community. If you own a bar, you could create a rainbow cocktail, or if you’re in a shop, why not hero some products created by LGBT+ suppliers?

  • Hold a Pride themed event. If you’ve got the space or capacity, why not have a dedicated LGBT+ evening or meet-up?

Got a question?

We have a dedicated Residents and Business Liaison team who regularly engage with residents and businesses in the Pride in London area and will look after you on the day itself.

If you have any questions or concerns then please email and one of the team will get back to you as soon as they can.

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