The Resident and Business Liaison (RBL) Team

Pride in London wants to ensure that all those who live and work in our footprint are supported and well-informed in the run up to the event, so we have a dedicated team of volunteers who engage directly with the residents and businesses in the Pride in London area.

During the run up to the Pride in London Parade, we liaise with local residents and businesses in person, as well as sending out a number of emails and letters. These lead to drop-in sessions which give residents and businesses an opportunity to meet the people who’ll be looking after them on Parade day, and ask any questions they might have ahead of the event itself. You can find these communications below on this page.

We also help facilitate communication between businesses and Westminster City Council for those who wish to modify their trading licence for event day.

Our main focus is managing the relationship between the people who live and work in the area and the Pride in London spectators, volunteers and wider organisation. We also liaise with other key stakeholders across the footprint like the Greater London Authority, Westminster City Council, and London Metropolitan Police.

RBL are available on the day to help resolve any last-minute issues that may arise. In addition, we help to ensure that those who visit the area for the day to enjoy the Parade act respectfully and responsibly towards those who are there for the other 364 days of the year.

In essence, we are dedicated to ensuring that Pride in London has as positive an impact as possible on the local community and the local businesses and residents. We work to keep everyone up to date on exactly how Pride in London might affect them.

If you need any information about road closures in your area, please have a look at the Advanced Notices which are in the useful documents below. You can find more about the footprint of the Parade, which roads will be closed and what time road closures begin. 

RBL are always here to talk, so if you’ve got any questions or concerns in the run up to the event, please feel free to send us an email on We’d be happy to arrange a phone call or to drop into your business to chat through any queries you’ve got ahead of the Pride in London Parade. 


Useful Documents

Information for businesses to consider on the day of the parade:

Information about the routes and road closures for Pride in London 2018 are available to download below:

Information for businesses wishing to extend their licences are also available to download: